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Sapphire CoastTrack Conditions: UnknownWeather: Unknown

Bega Cheese Bega Showcase Cup
Distance: 1600m Start Time: 29 January 2023, 4:50 PM
15 h 32 m
Form Guide VicBet Flucs Best TOTE and Start Price
This is the best of the three final WIN Tote dividends from all three TAB's namely SuperTab, NSW TAB and Tatts. (Any each way Best Tote will have the win as Best Tote and the place as Middle Tote). The prices displayed are a guide only and the actual dividends will be shown when correct weight is declared.
Middle Tote (Place)
Middle Place Tote guarantees a Place Dividend to be equal to second highest official Place dividend paid by any of the three major Australian TABs, namely SuperTab, NSW TAB & Tatts. The prices displayed are a guide only and the actual dividends will be shown when correct weight is declared.
Top Fluc
Top Fluc is short for Top Fluctuation and is the best price recorded as the Official Price at the meeting you are wagering on. For example, if a horses price opened at $6.50 then drifted out to a price of $14 and then came back into $9.50, you would be given the $14. Note that Top Fluc has certain limits depending on the venue and may be subject to deductions if there is a late scratching.
Best of The Best
This is the BEST of either, 'Best of the three Australian TAB prices' or the BEST 'Official Price (OP) Fluctuation'. Bets must be placed prior to the first Official Price (OP) which is 25 mins for Metro Meetings and 20 mins for Provincial Races.
2. Five Kingdom (7)
236x4000 60.5kg
J: Josh Richards T: Matthew Dale
3. The Guru (14)
x0001983 59.5kg
J: Amy Mclucas (a) T: Ms T Bateup
17 18
4. Tarn's Prince (6)
097780x4 58.5kg
J: Robbie Brewer T: Natalie Jarvis
6. Nieces And Nephews (9)
58181124 55.5kg
J: Ryan Bradley (a4.0) T: B Joseph & P & M Jones
17 16
7. Crackalacka (3)
0x560419 55kg
J: Molly Bourke (a1.5) T: Ms T Bateup
8. Divine Breath (8)
0x462930 54kg
J: Jess Taylor T: Ms T Bateup
12 7.5
9. Mr Magical (12)
68x77522 54kg
J: Louise Day T: Jamie Stewart
16 14
10. Roman (16)
36x20376 54kg
J: Ellen Hennessy (a) T: B Joseph & P & M Jones
12. Manderboss (5)
5x372324 54kg
J: Quayde Krogh T: B Joseph & P & M Jones
3.3 3.2
13. This'llbetheone (1)
75x31826 54kg
J: Tommy Berry T: J A O'shea
15. Shaka Rock (11)
74121000 54kg
J: Michael Travers T: Ms T Bateup
16. Trooper Knuckle (4)
7x311121 54kg
J: Brendan Ward T: K R Dryden
17. Harderthantherest (10)
94441311 54kg
J: Damon Budler (a) T: K R Dryden
26 20
18. Iverson (18)
72732781 54kg
J: N.r T: B M Lazzarini
19 18
19. Single Crown (2)
3336x454 54kg
J: Jess Del Frari (a2.0) T: K J Parker
1. Caesars Palace (15)
5. Golden Gorge (19)
11. Three Wise Men (13)
14. Reformist (17)
Win and Place (Pays 1,2,3)