VICBET.COM is pleased to offer a range of simple methods to deposit funds into your VICBET wagering account. The Deposit methods are:

 Direct Deposit to the NAB or CBA bank accounts listed below
 Credit/Debit Card online done simply through the web-site.
 POLi Online Payments, great alternative to Credit/Debit Cards.
 Credit/Debit Card by Telephone. (simply call 0412-126126.)
 Post a cheque to PO Box 34 Black Rock, Vic, Aust, 3193.


Direct Bank Transfer

You can deposit funds directly into either one of the accounts below:

CBA Account NAB Account
BSB: 063-220 BSB: 083-337
Acct Number: 10064616 Acct Number: 599 098 293
Branch: Black Rock, Victoria, Australia Branch: Mentone, Victoria, Australia

Once you have logged on go to the "Banking" tab on the left side menu and click on either Credit Card Deposit or Direct Bank Deposit. If depositing electronically from your bank to VICBET’s CBA or NAB Bank account please insert your name next to the deposit. If you are depositing at a branch then ask the teller to add your name or username next to the deposit so we can quickly identify the deposit and credit your VICBET account straight away. Please note there is no minimum for this type of deposit and no administration fee charged.

Credit/Debit Card Online

Funds can be directly deposited from your credit card once you have created your account. Once you have logged on go to the "Banking" tab on the left side menu and click on deposit. We accept VISA, MasterCard & Bankcard, this is a very fast way to fund your account & begin betting immediately. NOTE: Online the minimum deposit amount is $5.... VICBET.COM uses 128-bit encryption to ensure total security for all online transactions.

Customers depositing by credit card are advised they need to send a legible copy of both sides of the card to VICBET.COM within 90 days of first depositing by that method and before withdrawals can be processed.

POLI Online Payments

POLI is the Online Payment option that allows you to use your own internet banking to securely deposit directly into your VICBET.COM Account in real time so funds are available instantaneously. POLI is a great alternative for Clients without Credit/Debit cards or for those that would not prefer to use them. When the payment is confirmed you will receive a completed payment notification. There are no charges if you use POLI and it is available to be used with many Australian and New Zealand Banks. NOTE: You must have Cookies enabled and Prevent Cross-Site Tracking turned off, this is done in your computer settings....

Credit/Debit Card By Telephone

You can call VICBET.COM with your details and we will process your credit card payment at our office, on the telephone there is no minimum..... (VISA, MasterCard, Bankcard).

Mastercard: Visa Card:  Bank Card:

Personal Cheque

Please make payable to VICBET.COM and send to:

PO Box 34,
Black Rock,
Australia, 3193.

Withdrawing Funds

Options for withdrawing funds from your VICBET account are EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), Cheque posted, Credit Card Withdrawal and Cash Withdrawal at the Race Track. Firstly login to your VICBET.COM account, then go to the "Banking" tab on the left side menu and click on withdrawal via the withdraw function on the Banking page. Once you have completed the ID verification process the funds will be deposited to your nominated Bank Account on the same day that the request goes in....

Before any withdrawal takes place there are a number of things that are required to be done by the VICBET Account Holder. You are required to post, email or send to us via Live Chat a clear, current copy of both sides of the credit card used, the credit card statement highlighting the advance to VICBET, certified proof of Residency (three items - phone, pay TV or utilities bills) and 100 points of identification (passport and Driver's License, expired ID will not be accepted) to the VICBET.COM office. Also we will advance a small amount between 1c and 99c off the Credit/Debit Card used & will ask you to confirm the amount before any withdrawal takes place. The amount advance will be refunded straight away so you are noy out of pocket. After you have requested a withdrawal we will need to speak to you on your Mobile or landline number, we will call you on the nominated number and at the same time we will check the Geolocation (99.5% accurate) of the IP Address that you are logged in at for confirmation (e.g. Melbourne CBD, Mildura, Wagga Wagga etc). If you choose not to disclose the location of where you opened a VICBET account or requested a withdrawal then funds cannot be transferred. One last item is VICBET only deals with Australian and New Zealand Clients, plus a few other selected jurisdictions. We do not do any business with overseas clients that are not on our approved list, anyone that opens an account from these jurisdiction will have the account deleted immediately. Withdrawals will NOT take place till all this is completed...
If you have any queries about any of the above please contact us by phone (1300-126126) or email [email protected] For more information regarding the ID requirements refer to the 100 Point ID Check at the footer of this webpage:

Are there charges associated with depositing funds and is there a minimum deposit?

There is no credit card fees charged when depositing funds to your VICBET.COM account. Also there are no ongoing fees or administration fees associated with your account. There is no minimum deposit, you are welcome to start with whatever suits your budget, and we accept $1 wagers on the Internet.

Can I withdraw to my Credit Card or is it only into to my Nominated Bank Account?

You are able to withdraw from your VICBET.COM account into either your Bank Account or the Credit/Debit Card that was used to fund your account. Simply click on either the Credit Card Withdrawal Tab or EFT Withdrawal Tab in the Banking area once logged on. Note we will require a copy of the Credit/Debit Card used and this can not be more than the amount that was deposited. As an example you might deposit $1,000 using a VISA and win $2,000, we cannot deposit $3,000 back to the VISA, it can only be the $1,000 MAX that was originally deposited. Also note it can take up to two business days for the funds to be refunded back to the nominated card...