Important Notes
  1. Prices are displayed as dividends odds, meaning that the price includes your stake. e.g. if you have a successful $100 bet at a dividend of $19 you will win $1,800.
  2. Submitting the bet does not necessarily mean you have successfully placed the bet. You have merely requested the bet and we will return one of three possible messages as listed below.

    BET ACCEPTED . Meaning we have accepted the bet exactly as submitted and a confirmation note will appear on the computer screen.

    BET PARTIALLY ACCEPTED . Meaning we have accepted a portion of the bet submitted and a confirmation note will appear on the computer screen. We always abide by the Minimum Bet Limit (MBL) rules which is to WIN $1k to $2k depending on the jurisdiction for where the bet was requested.

    BET REJECTED . We have rejected the bet entirely. A reason for this rejection will be displayed with this message e.g. The race has begun or the Price has changed. If the price has changed you have the option of accepting a lower displayed price.
  3. Please always bet early to avoid disappointment, we endeavour to keep the race open up until the jump, however we do not want you to miss out so try and avoid leaving it till the last moment.
  4. If there are ever any problems ring the FREECALL number that is available 24/7 1300 126126 or the Racing Office on 03-92140011
  5. VICBET.COM will keep betting up until the race starts. If there is ever a delay for whatever reason the race remains open for clients to have their wagers.
  6. IMPORTANT: If there is ever a rare instance where the prices remain online and live after the race has concluded then all bets placed in the period after should have closed will be voided. This is extremely rare but with technology there is always the very small percentage chance it could happen.

Before You Can Bet
  1. Before you can begin betting with VICBET.COM you must register and choose your own username and password. You then put funds into your account. To open your account and to establish your password with us, click on the JOIN VICBET button located on the LEFT menu bar to open the application form.
  2. Fill in the necessary information and click on the SUBMIT FORM button submit this form. You will receive a message from us in a few seconds confirming that the account is successfully opened.
  3. To deposit funds into your account you must first log on. After logging on, click on BANKING on the left menu bar to bring up the banking options in the centre frame and choose POLi Deposits (Best option) or Credit Card Deposit to make a deposit. Funds from the POLi Deposit and Credit/Debit Card deposits are virtually instantaneous and will be available as soon as you receive the approval message from us. This will normally be within a few seconds after depositing.

    The BANK DEPOSIT option does not actually transfer the funds from your account to ours, it is simply to notify us that you have made a bank deposit. Please note that funds deposited directly into our bank account will not be available until the next working day. POLi Deposits is a better and faster option than this. NOTE: You must have Cookies enabled and Prevent Cross-Site Tracking turned off, this is done in your computer settings for the POLi Payments......

    If you have done an internet transfer to our NAB or CBA account and notify us we will endeavour to credit your account straight away.

How to make a Win, Place or Each Way Horse Racing Wager
  1. The races available for wagering will be displayed in the left menu under the Racing tab and the Today’s Racing tab so you have two options here to get the race displayed.

    Click on the meeting you wish to bet in and it will appear in the centre frame with the next race to go as the default. You can choose other races from that meeting by clicking on the race numbers at the top of the page, or you can display all the races for that meeting in one screen by clicking on TODAY'S RACING. Prices are expressed as dollar dividends, and by default are sorted in numerical order. There is an option by clicking on the Sort By Number, Dividend or Name.
  2. To place a bet click on the odds alongside the runner you wish to back. Your selection will appear in the middle of the screen. Click ADD BET.
  3. Enter the amount you wish to bet (minimum of $1) in this coupon and click on CONFIRM. The stake should be entered in whole dollars only. You will be prompted to confirm your bet. Click on ADD BET if satisfied with your bet request or CLEAR to return to the list of prices. In most instances approval is processed within seconds and a confirmation message is displayed on your screen, for further confirmation click on the "Pending" box at the top of the screen.....