What is the Top Fluctuation (TF)?

This is the highest official Price fluctuation of your selection during the betting period of the race in question. The Top Fluc (TF) is available on all venue for the race in question up until the OP (Official Price) is received for the venue of the meeting you have wagered on. The TF is available with VICBET.COM on every Australian Racing Venue. This is available up until the first fixed odds price call comes through via the OP, this is 25 minutes prior to the advertised starting time of the Metro Races and 20 minutes for the Provincial Venues.†As an example if there is a race at 12:20pm then the TF is available until 11:55am on a Metro Race and Noon for a Non-Metro Race. The TF is available on all Race Meetings for the Win, Each Way and the Place only (Note the Place is available in fields of 11+ or 5-7 with no Odds-on Fav plus in fields of 8-9 the TF for the Win is only available). Please note that if there is a late scratching during the betting on the race then your final dividend will be affected if the withdrawn runner is $51 or less. Also note your wager at the TF odds will be affected by a late scratching during betting even if there is fresh betting. Above $51 then deductions are not applicable. As a guide we will accept wagers to lose up to a maximum liability of $20,000 on Metropolitan Racing and a maximum liability of $5,000 on the Non-Metro Provincial Events like Kalgoorlie, Devonport and Dubbo as examples.

What are the Best Tote Odds (BT)?

This is the best of the final Tote dividends from all three TABís namely Supertab, NSWTAB and TATTS. This is available on all Australian Races where VICBET.COM. offers this Best Tote for Win only wagers. The Each Way Bets placed at the Best Tote will have the WIN part as the Best Tote and the PLACE part paid out as the Middle Tote. As a guide up to a maximum of $20,000 exposure per wager at the BT is available on Australian Metropolitan Racing and up to a maximum of $10,000 exposure per wager on Provincial Racing. New Zealand Thoroughbred races are paid out at the Middle Tote Dividend......

What is Fixed Price (FP)?

This is the actual fixed odds price quoted by VICBET.COM. Invariably the fixed price on offer from VICBET.COM will be exactly the same as the oncourse monitors that have the prices received via the APN. As a guide up to a maximum of $20,000 exposure†is available on Metropolitan Racing.

Whatever price you take will be the price you are paid for your wager, unless there is a scratching from the race in question and then you will receive your winnings less a deduction if the runner that was scratched was $51 or less.

What is Middle Tote Odds (MT)?

This is the final closing Middle Tote price as designated by the three TAB's after the race is over. VICBET.COM will be offering Middle Tote odds for the Win, Each Way and Place on all the New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, South African and European Racing†. This will be available up until the race starts and as a guide there is†up to a maximum of $10,000 exposure per wager for these MT odds wagers.

What Dividend do I get when I have an Exotic Bet?

VICBET.COM uses the Victorian Supertab for our dividends. A Quinella is when two (2) runners are selected to be placed first and second in any order. Maximum amount for a Quinella bet is $500 per combination and the Maximum payout with VICBET is $15,000 per Client per race. .A Exacta is when two (2) runners are selected to be placed first and second in the CORRECT order. The Maximum amount for a Exacta bet with VICBET is $400 per combination..A Trifecta requires nominating the first three (3) selections in a race in CORRECT order. The Maximum amount for a Trifecta bet with VICBET is $10 per combination..