VICBET.COM Rules of Wagering:

VICBET.COM  a bookmaker licensed by the Victorian Commission for Gambling Regulation (VCGR) (Registration Number B10700054) through Racing Victoria Ltd.

VICBET.COM is authorised by the Government of Victoria and the VCGR to accept phone, face to face and internet wagers on all Australian, New Zealand and overseas race meetings.

VICBET.COM is bound by the Code of Practice (VBA).

When opening an account or placing any bet with VICBET.COM, the customer acknowledges as binding the VBA Code of Conduct and the Racing Victoria Rules of Wagering. Placing a wager signifies your knowledge of, and agreement to be bound by, the current version of these rules. One other important consideration that you accept when opening an account ONLINE with VICBET.COM, is that we will be accepting credit card payments from you when the card is not physically present for verification. Once we have received approval to process any Card not Present Transaction and Betting Transactions occur soon after then the risk of the Card not Present Transaction resides with the Cardholder. We will check with our GateWay Provider EWay that the Credit Card Name corresponds exactly with the VICBET.COM Account Name before the wager is processed. All Internet Transactions are logged with an IP Address at that moment in time and when we conduct Card not Present Transactions if the IP Address matches the Card not Present Transaction and then with regards to the Betting with VICBET.COM the Account Holder accepts they have no recourse to attempt a Chargeback with VICBET.COM.....

According to Rule 5.5.3 in the Victorian Internet Betting Rules if there is an error in the quoted Dividend resulting from computer or other technical malfunction before the conclusion of the relevant Event or clear human error, then VICBET.COM has the option to void the wager. Vicbet will notify the other party as soon as possible....... Also some more conditions upon betting with VICBET relate to the TAB Tote Dividends. With regards to the Middle Tote wagering which is all Overseas Races and the Middle Tote payouts, if any two of the three TAB Pool sizes are less than $500 for the Win for a Win wager or separately the Place pools are less than $500 for any Middle Tote place wager on any of the three TAB's we have the discretion to payout the Final Fixed Odds dividend displayed on the VICBET website for the particular race in question. Any Middle Tote wagers will be amended to Fixed Odds wagers as soon as is possible at the conclusion of the race. The Maximum payout with VICBET for any Exotic wager is $15,000 per Client per Race. For any Overseas race when the Supertab pool is less than $1,000 for the exotic option chosen then the Maximum payout is $5,000 per Client per Race. In the instance with a TAB Malfunction and one pool goes down and the pools are distorted we reserve the right to omit that dividend when paying out. We will declare a Best Tote Dividend which will be the best of the two operating totes. Middle Tote will be the average of those two operating totes. If two or more of the TAB's are down then we reserve the right to payout the Best Tote and Middle Tote wagers at SP. We do NOT allow for another individual to have access to your Account or any Secure Member Details (including any family member, business or corporate entity or any other person whatsoever). The account is to be used solely for the individual in the name the account was established. A VICBET account holder remains solely responsible for their Account including but not limited to transactions, bets and Account changes. VICBET reserves the right to close an account if we discover an account is been operated by another nominee that is not the account holder. Also we will suspend an account if we discover that the account holder has attempted to disguise or interfere in any way with the IP address of the computer you are using to access the Website or otherwise take steps to prevent us from correctly identifying the actual IP address of the computer you are using whilst accessing the VICBET website.

TAKE NOTICE that the Victorian Bookmakers' Association guarantee pursuant to S94A of the Racing Act 1958 (Vic) is limited to defaults by a registered bookmaker in the payment of wagers AND DOES NOT EXTEND TO any claims against the registered bookmaker in respect of wagering deposits held by the registered bookmaker. Click here for additional information: